Divorce: My Terror

Love from my parents was a blessing

when you hugged each other that was so pleasing

Now you keep fighting, something must be missing

Dad comes home late and starts yelling

Mom responds him louder screaming and repelling


I and my brother seeks refuge in the corner

He keeps grasping me, out of terror

They reach near me fighting, it is a horror

I want to stop, can hardly mumble

Before I utter I start to tremble


After an hour of tiring fight

They depart to their rooms left and right

I on my back, carry my brother

Sneak into a room away from father

Console my brother that everything is alright


In horror, I spend all my night

Haunted by dread and the fright

I know I have the full right

To question them about their fight

But timid I stand with no might


It was on Monday after school

When I reached home, a house was full

Of people both clever and fool

Clever ones spoke quoting the rules

Fools prattled in the middle with no clues


I rushed towards mom after all of them left

I hugged her tight by her waist

She stood shaky and dingily dressed

She started weeping, got emotionally pressed

Dad walked out without slightest guilt, sympathy nor distress


I was clueless and lost but it was fine

It was beyond the understanding of a girl who was just nine

I pulled my mother towards the couch

With a chaotic face, my brother approached

Sat with frugal face listening to my mom grouch


                                                                              ~ Deepak Raj Chetri 



  1. JuvyLyn Gando

    Very well expressed and quite emotional….nice ink! You are really a great writer….

  2. It’s true the worst victims of a divorce are the children. The trauma that kids go through at such a time ( parent’s divorce) is immeasurable. It has been expressed very well in the poem.

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