Autumnal Bliss

The sun has kissed her body brown

 mother earth sports tanned hue

 looks incredible in her new ensemble


 exotic flora and fauna

 liberally splash colours

 like endless amounts of hidden gems

 under the safe haven of sky azure…

 colourful blooms stitch motifs

 frame exuberant nature, in its rapture


 fluffy frothy white masses

 perch and relax on blue sky

 impart one of a kind sight

 prompt my lazy being to soar and fly


 trees entwine grass flowers

 in their sweet caress

 sultry strokes of breeze

 romance nodding buds and stems


 the scene is musky and refreshing

 elaborates the stead of autumnal bliss

 I feel lucky to be privy

 to such an enthralling sight.


                                                              ~ Sujata Dash

                                                             Bhubaneswar, India

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