Autumn Sonata

Mellow Nature, melting sunshine, gentle hues, waving ‘kaash’

Enchanting fragrances —

      My ever – pulsating city I see you every day

     Through an intricate leafy architecture of my quaint balcony

Now hushed and silenced.

The Bridge, Prinsep Ghat, the royal Gardens, the Colonial structures

    College Street, Coffee House, the dreamy by-lanes

  Where the old, wise trees cast their shadows…all beckon

Reviving old memories….

               The empty seats and the cobbled paths await none.

               Autumn….ever lingering yet ever elusive…like old photographs


The octogenarian Winter stares vacantly

Wondering whether there is yet another year in her account

The vivacious Spring makes her list of clothes and cosmetics

And she, Autumn…a human bridge

Ever suspended, never burnt

Makes mental notes of Puja to-dos

While shadows lengthen…

Together they await the Celebrations….the arrival of the Divine Mother!

                                                                                                                                  ~Dr. Supatra Sen

                                                                                                                                   Kolkata, India


  1. Rupradha Bagchi

    Absolutely amazing Didi! Excellent write up! ❤️🤗

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