Let go the hues

that spring bestowed,

sprouted seeds ripen now

and peasants reaping sown crop.


Chinars laden with leaves

Shed to wither away in piles

Grains congregated the husk

Men thrashing and women sifting

While working hard from dawn to dusk.


The green fields now turned brown

Like that brides charming gown

Attired with fabrics of nature

How beautifully artisan has decked

The tinctures captivating beyond fancy.


Grasshoppers hovering over the free sky

Buzzing like the warplanes signalling to fly

In this battle field of harvesting yeartide

Where fighters aim to nake the environ

Wayfarer roaming to adore the shades.


I am such a season people believe

When poets and writers begin to scribble

Singers and musicians sit to compose

The songs of love and separation

In the sparkling zest of autumn

Ah! This is the season of fall.


For rest of the year

I am like the casket of that diamond

Lying with the finer to get crafted

When artisan finishes my embellishment

People yearn for a glimpse of mine.


                                               ~ Imtiyaz Pandow

                                                   Budgam, J&K, India


  1. Beautiful ❣️

  2. Beautiful and such a charming poem…I really like this.

  3. Mahpara Mushtaq

    Knite well 🙂

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