As Much As

You die, as much as you choose to

 each day…

 so also you live

 every distinct moment

 you dive into… that comes your way


 Here is the second …that elapsed

 the minute too

 I could see…palpate

 yet could not hold on to


Time that has just slipped out of hand

 like sand …

 has joined the elusive past

 the deep gorge

 that houses gone by

 eats into each breath

 slowly and steadily

 like an ant devours …starting from the  edge


 Wish time stood still like a statue

 as a lifeless clock hangs on the wall


 things perhaps are not devised like that

 and my wishes seem to fade fast


 Time moves in its pace

 like a sleepy bud slowly raises head

 blooms with grace

 Silently advances…gnaws into  labyrinth

 as per set pattern of life


 Birth after birth

 time in its repetitive stance

 tries to whisper in our ears….

“every drop of this one of a kind offer

 is to be savored with love.”


                                                                        ~ Sujata Dash

                                                                           Bhubaneswar, India

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