An Ebb, A Flow

Those silver shards

Baguettes of sky


Polishing my garden interlocks

Blurring vision of

Weary world outside.

A marred graveyard

Its hankerings hazy

Iris bulbs missed to bloom


In vain tracing roots.

Performance of a pint-sized germ.

Quick-witted folk lose all sanity


The morn

Of a forthcoming doomsday.


A contrast

Scads of flamingos along the rills

Panorama of pink.

Murky springs restored

Plain water gushing forth

Mirrors a sapphire sky

Profuse, the fishes and frogs.


A discrepancy

Of deft and distress.

On the letter to mankind written

Covid 19.

Mere retribution to

Those dark and deep desires,

Halo Hypocrisies

And incessant materialisms


Or all this

In terse,

Candid way of nature.


                                                                        ~Soorya S Kumar

                                                                        Alappuzha, India


  1. Savitha Satheesh

    Nice dear🤗

  2. അടിപൊളി

  3. Chechi super👌

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