You are not born for death, immortal love;
Hungry generations, may tread you down,
l may live or rest in peace,
Love unravished by time will serve the king and clown.

Perplexed mind retards me so often,
Dark mystery of love aches my heart,
That can hardly fade, dissolve and can soften;
Once incense breathing morn now serves painful mirth.

Where mankind sit and frolic side by side,
Where a bard sings a verse to his beloved;
Charioted by bacchus – I’ll take my ride,
To the blue and to the floating island.

Should I haste towards the fairy land?
Where a maiden awaits unravaged by time,
Engulfed by the evil aerial spirits and the perilous sea;
Valorous act! And I’ll pace them in rhyme.

Away! Away! To a land far from here,
To kiss her hand and her immortal feet,
To smell the holy incense and taste the nectar there,
Where the Sun and the seas meet.

Adieu! Adieu! for I’ll leave this world unseen,
For the queen of night, to serve her throne,
Beside the little Alphard, in the drowsy dim;
Will leave this sphere forever unknown.

Adieu! Adieu!—— Adieu! Adieu!

                                                                ~ Debashish Sarkar

                                                                 Kolkata, India

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