A Travel Through Darkness

Let  now shadow of gloom befalling, let be dropping shower

Strolling on alley amidst wide green grass-covered field

I pray, show me open sky where glittering all of little star(s)

Silvery luna may wink without face mask and any shield,


Following in silence my guide- softly murmuring wind

Watchful only from a tree intrepid woodpecker couple

Flowing stream keeping company all through from behind

No wiseman myself to rapid phrase a couplet like oracle;


Infernal gloom now unsavoury unkind to tolerate

No civility but savagery is the rule in the kingdom of darkness

Owls are out to prey like ogress desperate

End justifying means to silence any variableness –


Long stride across dark wood before a daybreak

Freedom under sunshine would no more be opaque.


                                                                     ~Shyamal Mukhopadhyay 

                                                                              Nagpur, India


  1. Dipti Mukherjee

    Good sonnet.

  2. Great piece of poetry! Venus is decomposing! nevertheless new dawn is in the vicinity!

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