A Thank You Note For The Heroes

It’s ridiculously bad, spontaneously terrifying

Hysterically incoherent,

Nonsense, and comically absurd.

But we will pull through.

It’s time I realize that I too am written,

And that at this very moment someone spells me out.

Here’s an accumulation of some wayward thoughts:

Let’s turn the tables around,

It’s time we have a firing of some ambitious pissing beef balls out of nowhere;

We will surely win.

Jesus was very composed through his life.

Someone so fearsome behind the mask,

Oh what does it take?

Alrighty then, Bring it.

Ah, but he’s got a knife!

Well, when was the last time you been to a party where you actually was invited?You don’t know who the boss is?

C’mon! Blessings of Benjamin cat,

You Can Do It.

Welcome Sire, What shall I bring to thee?I’ve only got one question for you:

Have you seen a person named Larryy?Have you?

I’ve been looking for him everywhere you know,

Well if you do see him tell him to take it easy,

Ask him not to be a ferret up in the sky!

Oh god, you’re all getting a punch!

But we made a pact didn’t we?

They fired at me but I survived,

I caught the bullet with my golden teeth,

I made a flower out of a weapon,

I have toyed with your sentiments,

I’ve made you laugh and I’ve made you cry,

I’ve made you laugh again.

If it ends, it ends happily

Then there’s no such thing as an end


                                                                      ~ Samrat

                                                                            Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

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