A Sleepy Village

My earliest memories are of a sleepy

village called ‘Karma Bhumee,’

where I used to toil tirelessly under

the amber glow of a kerosene lamp.

This sleepy village to me is just a village

where nothing much usually happens.

There are no riots, no night clubs,

and the village sleeps by nine pm.

The villagers just go about their

daily routine.

There is a chamber for Goddess

Lakshmi in an old temple.

The devotees visit and pray in

their leisure period.

The twisting road of this village is

through a forest, which is a

favorite spot for bird watchers.

The forest is home to an amazing

variety of animals.

We had aimed to create some new

opportunities for our sleepy villagers.

Women are self-sufficient in terms

of money and having a job, as man

influences the environment through

moral qualities of actions.


                                                                                                ~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                                                                                               New Delhi, India

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