A Call for Change…

It pains my heart to see some leaders around the world,
reigning with arrogance and selfishness,
least concerned about the sufferings of the mass.

Countless die of hunger and many are fighting for the last breathe,
yet, everyone of us merely let it slip from our hands,
and allow them to die in front of our eyes,
because it is ‘others but not us’ who is troubled.

Lives of hundreds and thousands of people are shattered every now and then,
by guns, bombs, missiles and cannons,
a gruesome act bring triumph to the villains and monstrous leaders.

Individuals are fighting for their own survival,
countries are in war and disintegrating,
the countries and humans are building their own walls,
a scary signs of doomsday visible everywhere.

The innocent animals are not spared,
mountains of human greed un-sufficed;
so many lives are taken for humans to feast,
and many are murdered for skins, ornaments, medicines and for various reasons.

If more leaders were born, who can feel and see others suffering,
who is courageous to stop the war,
the world will be a heaven for all.

If humans free themselves from greed,
the innocent animals will be free,

they will enjoy the freedom in their own existence.

If the leaders unite,
the countries and people will be united,
there will be more solutions and less problem,
indeed! the peace and harmony will prevail.

                                                                                       ~ Yeshi Nidup

                                                                                            Phuentsholing, Bhutan  

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  1. True leaders who is compassionate will feel the pain of being ignorant of others suffering. You are one of them for you have empathized the weak and poor.

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