The Creator at Fault

God created man,

White, black, brown, tan

But had an omission

Vital to his noble mission

It’s  virtueless savage he created first,

Instead of man of virtues instinctive, first,

One  wonders how the omission ,

Crept into, sans any vision?

The Ten commandments, a belated issue

God’s second thought, full of virtuous issues

Edicts, the savage to be virtuous, follow

without as much as a murmur, to follow.

But  in God’s creations, savagery is  inborn

And Virtues, unborn,

Ever since  it’s a fight between habits inborn,

And  adopted virtues unborn,

Now the world laments,

Forlorn,sadly comments,

Over the erosion of values,

Yes, Virtues have lost its value

But the erosion is natural, no wonder,

No reason to be wondrous

For,  the adoptive virtues can’t hold on, long

Against man’s inborn, instinctive, savagery, long.

This  is the reason why,

The erosion of values, high.

For it’s the manifestation of the hidden, natural,

Once eclipsed by the virtues, unnatural.

Why  now the increase in violence?

The world over, man asks himself, in ignorance,

Doubts, haven’t man turned virtuous?

Shedding his savagery, to be virtuous?

Man can shed his adopted virtues, any time

But instinctive savagery , at no time,

For his virtuosity is a fragile egg-shell cover

Which  struggles to suppress his savagery under cover .

Adopted  virtuosity  is  like a Mushroom, all,

Planted in  modern man with no root at all

But savagery is instinctive, deep rooted

That can never be up-rooted.

When man turned virtuous,

His savagery eclipsed,  to be virtuous

 Lying beneath, any time, to change like the embers

  Into a blaze of violence, its mood ,its temper.

It’s final to the modern man to think

Why the increase in violence, think,

It’s his   atavistic going back to his inborn savagery,

The spectral return to him, of his instinctive savagery.

                                                                                        ~ Baby Kattackal

                                                                                      Muvattupuzha, India

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