Panoramic View of Jersey City

We boarded the Virgin Atlantic aircraft

from London to ‘Liberty International

Airport’, New York.

We rented an Apartment in New Jersey city.

The waterfront view from the apartment window

was breathtaking.

My love for waterfront views only increased

as I visited and spent time in Newport.

I observed Jersey City’s growing skyline and

hundreds of yachts anchored

on the edge of River.

The sky was a canvas of bluish-purple,

rain-laden clouds, which brought out

the color and texture of plants.

The buildings of the Hampton area were

surrounded by green gardens along

the bank of the river.

The energy and view every morning

in Jersey city’s time square and

bank heaven was mesmerizing.

This place was a bustling tourist center with

many fine hostels and boasted of Newtown’s

amusement area.


                                                                                 ~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                          New Delhi, India

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