My Hands

Prominently veiny and calloused.

Marked how much I have labored.

To serve my family and colleagues,

to my students and made a difference.


My hands have purely served.

Helped my students in search of life’s quest.

Coached how life must be ruled and valued.

Enlightened their minds and uplift their spirit.


My hands, I disciplined to be pure.

To live with dignity and let honesty rules.

Must live within means, purity it must uphold.

Lived by examples and to be true to all.


I am proud of my veiny and calloused hands.

Whom I have raised my kids and kins.

Advised them to be good fellows of the land.

To obey for the truth and serve our motherland.


                                                                                                  ~ Cynthia Cabral


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    Dear Sir/Madam:

    I’m so blessed. My heart songs with a big shout of grateful and happiness. Thank you Indian Periodical Company may God bless you and your company.


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