Imagine a world of chaos, a world of anarchy

Where innocent men die, children live in misery.

Where there are no flowers, only swords

Ripping humanity apart, no disease being cured.

Can you imagine it? Are you brave enough?

Can you scavenge through this reckless  dream?

Can you feel the scare in your bloodstream?

Yes, that’s our world after a few years.

But we can stop this madness, can rupture this co-existing evil with a spear.

If we learn to say the truth and face our fears

If we unite without dilemma , if we dare to interfere

If we can be empathetic and give justice to the needy

If we can demolish the walls of hypocrisy and stop being greedy.


O look at the world now!so beautiful and strong

Wanting to embrace us, the misery all gone

It is on us, the future of the world lay

Please protect the innocent and let the narcissism cry at bay.

Learn to be brave, pious and dignified

Or else the weak will weep, their efforts mortified.

Let the artist get his recognition, let the poor kid shine

Let the bright aura of light engulf the shadows, let the beauty and the beast within us combine .

This dream is far and yet so near,

It feels like a laugh of a baby ,like a peacock dancing without fear.

Feels like Diwali, feels like new year

This idea though utopian is glowing vividly like a sapphire chandelier .


                                                                                        ~ Shreya Ganguly 

                                                                                      Ropar, India

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