After Death

First time I saw that blood demon

In my despaired shack

Ruining my only blood, my mom

by his act of animality

I saw those eyes looked like bloods oozing out of it’s two sockets

And those white eye balls popped out to scan my bare body within my thin- torned clothes

Which illustrates my poverty,

My potentiality

I sensed the mishap going to happen

Like that happend to her

She was screaming and yelling

again and again but all in vain

As she couldn’t save herself from those bloody demons being a mom

So how can I…!!

Closed the half broken junked door

As the only protection of my half-dead shelter

But a disastrous gust of wind screwed my hopes

I wanted to run away to an unknown place where I can be treated as a part of the society ,

not like a dirty drain worm!

I was suffering from scarcity of wealth

Not from any contagious malady

Suddenly, I saw a shadow and in the blink of my eyes.

I had been dragged outside my hut and snached by a strong hand

I couldn’t breathe

My whole body was getting cold

I lost my sense

After few hours I found myself alive

That was strange!!

My limbs seemed paralyzed

I struggled to stand myself up

I was literally bathed by some liquid substance which I couldn’t see in the moon light

I thought that was mud waters

Yes.. that was really mud waters!!

That was the real value of each drops of my blood ..

And the ignorance of so many eyes at this dying body at morning was the proof of that !!

They all behaved as if I didn’t exist there

I was counting my last breathes

After few hours of struggling lonely

I found myself surrounded around hundreds of people

A small ray of hope scattered inside me

I felt as if I got accepted as a part of their society

I also saw some zoom lenses been focused on me

I felt a little awkward because never been treated that much special

Some of them were thanking god for my demise because I got relief from this life of a worm of the sewage..

I didn’t mind that because I had been treated like that my whole life

Wait, Am I dead!!

I tried to move my body to make them realize that I am still alive

I didn’t felt any pain in my body even I could move myself so freely

But what’s that !!

A body look like me!!

Probably that’s the illusion of my eyes

Again and again that scene cought my eyes


I realized my dead body had the real ability to catch people’s attention

I wished I should have died before

I wouldn’t had to curse myself in each day and night just to have this life like a hell..


                                                          ~ Smruti Prajnya


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