When Life Goes Out of Control

This invincible enemy has caught the world by storm

Carved in the wild dreams of an apathetic adversary

Dreaming dreams to overpower the world

Men, women and children,

No one spared from its evil design

Encroaching ubiquitously upon ambiance not its own

The terrified citizens look up to Heaven

Protect us oh, lord they plead

God in Heaven looks down upon the Earth

 Finds it barren… bereft of its natural vibes

 Forests disappearing, trees mauled down

Wild animals hunted and deprived of their habitats

He frowns and shudders

What is man up to?

He questions Himself

He waits for an answer

 He declines to interfere into the meddling affairs of man

To teach him a lesson

A real harsh one

Man responds wildly

 Living in a deceptive world

 He refuses to concentrate on His goodness

He dares to defy the resurging invisible foe

He remains blind to the unrelenting fury of the funk


What has this life become?

Concealed within the four walls of the home

Dreading the fiery eyes of the slanderous virus

Obscured somewhere, ready to attack the first victim

It perceives… sparing no one it slyly contacts

Threatening to devour life like a hunting wild animal

No signs of it disappearing in the near future

This imperceptible hunter is defiant

Its challenge is, “Catch me if you can”

No earthy nets no fetters can chain its brawl

Life indoors was pleasant at the onset

Now worn and tired of shackles

Man wishes to break the bonds of frenzy

To hop, skip and jump be sportive like never before

Freedom lost has clogged the brain

Distressed and tormented

He has become a caged animal

Struggling to be sane amidst this chaos

Life is now out of control

                                           ~ Shobha Diwakar  

                                           Jabalpur, India

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  1. A very appropriate description of the world’s pathetic condition today. We hope & pray the end of this terrible virus isn’t very far.

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