This Is Mine That Is Yours

The tale of yours and mine is not new-fangled

It was always there since times immortal

The feud is old but appears to be new

The leaping time crosses all boundaries

Of kindred relationships

Distances grow wider than the two sides of the ocean

Lying opposite to each other

Barren fields ache for a touch of raindrop

To quench its raggedness

The rough trodden path of life

Lies like a wrinkled piece of cloth

Neglected, worn out and oppressed

 The surroundings are the same


Now appear centuries old

Dull, drab and insipid

The loving arms lie limp

The healing touches have vanished

Life has come to a crossroad

 Where you pick and choose

Sentiments, gratefulness evaporated

The sun shines daily

 The heat burns as never before

 The aches and pains of yesteryears


 Blossom today fade tomorrow

 The perfume has melted away

The I, me, yours, mine has stolen the fragrance

The counting years of an upheaval life

 Has borne the brunt of Time

It stalls for no one

As rapid years of bygone memories

Sting you with a sharp pang

Children you fondled and helped to grow

Laying aside your personal dreams

Settle into their cozy nests of indifference

Seeking pleasures of life

To build themselves a ‘hollow shell’

Where riches abound

Forgetting the sacrifices

The dreams and aspirations of a better tomorrow

Lost in the wilderness of MINE and YOURS


                                                                                    ~ Shobha Diwakar

                                                                                         Jabalpur, India

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