The Texture of Remorse

The texture of remorse isn’t a broken rock

or a wrathful cloudburst.


It resembles chapped cherry lips,

which reflect a series of blatant kisses

from an abandoned lover.

And the guilt of sin,

that still hangs on your cherished silky skin,

morning and night.


The texture of remorse

is the unwanted longingness of someone,

who walks around the walls of your heart.

A heart which refuses to welcome

their vulnerability and disrespect.


The texture of remorse

is the conversation which never happened,

with a friend who is no more in the world.

A repetitive exchange of talk which you perform in your head every night.

It is that absolute unsaid apology you owe.


The texture of remorse

is the slum you cross by on the way.

The guilt creeps up within your soul

and you turn around to see,

defecient humans with sinless smile,

yet you proceed the way.

                                                               ~ Shreya Sharma 


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