Quality Teaching Amidst Pandemic

Teach with Clarity

Teach to the core.

Teach with clarity.

Teach with purpose.

Focus on the reality.


How do we teach with clarity?

Start with the plan to conceptualize.

Think of the student’s level in the delivery.

Look for modalities on how to execute.


When you teach with clarity,

Do you look for data to verify?

When you do the assessments,

Are you taking students for considerations?


When you teach with clarity,

Find how to master the skills.

Students must be a part of making choices.

Must not be teacher language resulting to ambiguity.


Give the students actual learning.

So students manage learning on their own pacing,

When you let them actualize ownership of learning

Then you’re able to teach with clarity and did better nurturing.



                                                                                     ~ Rosella Dacquel 

                                                                                       Quezon City, Philippines

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