Love’s Rebirth

And therefore does she depose

power of my heart,

And cramped enviously

my poor nerves into an abyss.

Now as thousand ebbs circulate

and disseminate around me,

And magnanimous sufferings

Would humbug my destination,

I intentionally run to our history,

Where we had, but both amalgamated

Into our being, though, infused by two.

Now, therefore, our minds transpose

In grief and sudden sally

 did they ramble on ,

And no joy leaning dawn,

in the backdrop of our lost generation

shall approach in glee ,

I would, like a brain sick lunatic,

fall from the verge of wisdom

and beget our unborn ages

where I enthrone de novo thy heart!

                                                                                 ~Sahil Mudasir

                                                                                       Shopian, J&K, India

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  1. Mudasir ahmad thoker says:

    Brilliant one

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