Life Finds its Way..

Life finds its way,
through darkness & sorrow
let my mind not go astray,
Hang in there, may be till tomorrow..

Just like those old leaves ,
waiting for a breeze,
Or like the new ones
for an opportunity to seize.

What must be my choice?
or is there a choice at all!!
Will I regain my poise,
Or take the fall.
May be , life will find its way.

                                                        ~ Aishwarya Krishnamoorthy



  1. Komalavally says:

    Beautiful!Continue to write more and more poems ,bring out your creative talents.waiting for the next one.

  2. Arti Kathiriya says:

    Beautiful, simple and true as crystal !!!

  3. Superb…. Dear…
    Keep it up.

  4. Sofia Dhodia says:

    Fabulous! Don’t stop, keep writing.

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