Killing the Crime or the Criminal??

The killer caught at last after the chase
His colleagues killed in a dubious haze
Caught at last, taken into a secure custody
The countrymen thought it was relief from malady.

But much was known behind the thought
He would be killed without any sought
His connections with the powerful and influential
Had to be hidden, so his death made sensational.

A puppet he was of saints in disguise
Used until their boat began to capsize
Forced to escape in a mysterious maze
The drama of chase ended with a blaze.

A criminal he was, needed to be tried
The Judiciary had a chance to see who hired
But, the power of the offenders was a level above
Could wipe their soiled knives and shove.

The law of the land stood absolutely powerless
As the offenders buried their crime with the criminal
They roam unscathed with their heads held high
Common man is deceived by the culprits in the nigh.

                                                                                                         ~ Dr Naaz Shaikh

                                                                                                                Hosapete, Karnataka, India

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