In Silence

In silence

we had found each other

We built a world where our friendship thrives

Blessed to withstand the test of time

Beads of rosary bound as one.


In silence

you taught me to trust man again

You opened my heart to world of love—

the world I had long forgotten

Only to feel the pain once again.


In silence

You made me experience the deafening outcry

Sleepless nights and nightmares in tears

Never ending heartbeats of pain

Yes, an inescapable misery I wanted to subdue.


In silence

we parted ways without formal goodbyes,

Leaving me back to the world where you had found me

You had taught me two beautiful worlds

Only to be left shattered, suffering, and lost

                                                                                      ~ Dr. Luzviminda Rivera

                                                                                       Tarlac Province, Philippines

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