I Wonder!

I wonder!
What it’s like to be loved, cared and maddened – all at the same time
They say without mother there’s no life #HappyMother’sDay
I wonder if it is actually true!

Or somewhere it is
Because as long as you were,
I was (Sushant Singh Rajput)
With you has gone a part of me I know I am never going to be able to explore – in anyone.

The lights of mountains are blurring yet twinkling
Yet I know I will never be able to see it truly unless I put on a frame –
A frame of “so-called reality”
A frame of plastic that would never be ruined
A frame of darkness without which lights do not blink
A frame of emotions without which I would otherwise not look strong enough to cope up with my emotions

Dear mothers of the world, you’re the most selfish creatures in this world
For I know I never explored that side of my mother, I blame you all – for being easy on your kids and rude towards others’
Yet I love you all because I know what you pour is pure!

O Lord, since people like me don’t know what it’s like, do you have any alternative?

I wonder!

                                              ~ Umang Arora

                                                     Jalandhar, India

Note: this poem is a tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput

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  1. Dr. Mrs. Vinod Kalra says:

    Its really a wonderful poem.

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