I was a Happy Soldier

I was a happy soldier of our country,

I chose army life when I was in school.


I was facing trouble each day in my life,

because soldiers face many obstacles in life.


A hard choice sometimes…a soldier may

turn to the left or right and

that turns out to be a mistake.


Soldiers face many battles in their service,

but they learn from mistakes made in battles.


Not every soldier succeeds and rises to

the ranks in his life.


Each soldier has different strengths,

some of them are doing their duty.


Soldiers never work for wealth or donor

they faithfully follow command from senior.


Soldiers take on tasks with a generous spirit,

they sacrifices their life if any occasion arises.


A soldier plays many roles in his life,

and faces both adversity and sees prosperity.


He looks forward…irrespective of praises…

and stands for his nation, never seeking fame.


                                                                                 ~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                          New Delhi, India

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