Friendship between Giant and the Dwarf

“Friendship between Giant and the Dwarf”

The giant and the dwarf,

The Himalayas and the Ganges,

India in the South and Bhutan in the North,

Enjoyed the motherhood relationship,

Ever since India and Bhutan existed.

There are billions of your own sons and daughters,

to feed on, give cloth and shelter,

Yet, you never failed to feed and care us.

You have millions of ailed people to treat,

But you still agreed to attend to our call.

There are millions of your citizen waiting for higher education,

Hoping for means and ends to propel,

But you still managed to give opportunities to us.

You kept multiple problems of your own underneath the carpet,

And gave highest priority to solve ours first.

The giant and the dwarf always stood for each other,

And consoled during the painful times,

And celebrated the happy moments together.

The giant and dwarf always stood for each other,

And helped each other during disasters,

Prayed for each other during hardships and in times of misfortunes.

The giant supported us from the back like a mother to a toddler,

And the dwarf stepped forward with confidence and courage.

The giant lead without prejudices,

And the dwarf followed without doubts,

Together, continued their journey with same spirit,

And kept enjoying the peace and tranquility,

Within and beyond borders for eternity.

It is our daily prayers that we offer,

To let the friendship of giant and dwarf continue for eons,

Without wounds and scars on either side.

The history created must be exemplary,

to pass on the baton of extraordinary friendship,

from one generation to the next.

                                                                            ~ Yeshi Nidhup

                                                                                  Phuentsholing, Bhutan  


  1. Tshering wangdi says:

    If there is one epitome of nations connected strongly with the spirit of brotherhood at the national level, then it’s the “Giant and the dwarf”-India and Bhutan. The fact that we don’t have barbed borders or big walls demarcating our respective territory is the indication that we’ve co-exist very peacefully this long. Bhutan has always been fortunate to be the recipient of the supports outlined succinctly by Yeshi.
    Wholehearted thanks to India for being such a rich nation by heart.
    May this relation find no end!

  2. Beautifully written, however I personally feel that the poet has expressed just one side of the coin🙂

  3. Edifying

  4. Shailendra Jha says:

    Both Giant and Dwarf can contribute in equal manner. Hence, both needs to respect each other :)
    Nice poem my friend Yeshi Nidhup.
    Love from Nepal

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