End Suicide

Have you ever thought?

                        How many lives were taken,

                        How many souls were lost.

                        Their worlds must have been forsaken.

                        Young and old suffer.

                        Woebegone and self-pity linger!

                        Emotions devastated and sanity waned.

                        Youthful lives and dreams have been claimed.

                        Depression had taken a toll.

                        In the mind of a grieving soul.

                        Death seemed a consolation.

                        That suffering shall end so soon.

                        Everyone must take a part.

                        In consoling and mending a broken heart.

                        Let’s work together to end suicide.

                        True love, patience and compassion endure.

                                                                                       ~ Rosella Dacquel 

                                                                                       Quezon City, Philippines


One Comment

  1. Rosella Dacquel says:

    Thanks much for posting this!
    I just want my message be heard around the World. As Suicide is becoming more alarming as Covid. Hope no more lives be wasted by this selfish killing of oneself.

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