The Happy Soul

Out of nowhere
A thought, came to my mind
Taking me, to you
And to the past, so unkind

The peace, the pain
The love, the rain
The life that happened
And the ‘Us’, that remains

An unanswered misery
Of whispers,
Of begging
Of being loved and loving

For the oneness,
That was battling
And the thought,
That was rattling

But now, it’s silence
Like never before
Like a wish, unknown
Like you are all yours…

                                                                           ~ Zeeshan Abad Siddiqui 

                                                                               Hyderabad, India


  1. Mohammad Wakeel says:

    When someone suffering from something then they should write something by heart like you. ..

  2. That’s really awesome

  3. Ankita Pandey says:

    No matter what, life goes on..
    Well penned🤗

  4. Siddharth Kr says:

    Peace 😇

  5. Sexpeare 🖤🖤

  6. Worth reading 🙌

  7. Wajid Ahmad says:

    Bhut khoob Siddiqui Shahab👏👏

  8. Your writing is so beautiful bhai😍😍
    I wish I could write like you!🙌

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