Addressing the Elephant in the Room

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal

Just recently a pregnant, female Elephant died of eating a fruit filled with fire-crackers, which was intentionally fed to her by some miscreants. The outrage that resulted of this incident, and rightly so, captured the attention of the whole country but the irony that was kind of lost in this whole matter is that there was more cruelty and injustice inflicted on our own people in past few months by our own system and governments and yet there is hardly any outrage in public domain on the plight of poor and migrants.

Since the past few days in the news, it has been reported that in the national capital, many major hospitals are refusing to treat Covid patients and many people have died while waiting to be admitted for treatment in different hospitals in New Delhi. Many Patients and their families are running from one hospital to another and both private and government hospitals are refusing to take them in. In one reported instance a patient had to appeal to Delhi High Court, requesting court’s intervention in getting him admitted to a public hospital for treatment. By the time the hearing date came, he passed away. Don’t you think PM Modi should be concern about this?

Indian Railways, under Piuysh Goel, have dastardly failed in their duty to safely transport stranded migrants and yet neither the minster concerned nor any bureaucrat in Railway’s upper echelon was held accountable or responsible in this debacle. Our already haggard health system has collapsed as a result of Coronavirus Pandemic and still our politicians are patting their backs on Twitter as if everything is all right. There should be an outpouring of anger or a protest over this, right? Is it wrong to ask, why central government had its focus on forming government in Madhya Pradesh in March rather than tackling Coronavirus by suspending international travel in time?

I really don’t know why we are selective in choosing targets of outrage? Asking uncomfortable questions to those in power does not make one a traitor or a criminal. The citizens who are concerned about their well being and rights should not hesitate to point out the faults of the government. Asking questions is necessary for the effective functioning of administration and democracy.

That female Elephant was lucky, at least her suffering did not went unnoticed.

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