Where Humans Stand?

By Shantanu Das

Humans, how long we have been evolved on earth? That’s a scientific question but we humans have even found it out. Humans began to exhibit evidence of behavioral modernity about seventy thousand to a hundred thousand years ago, around in the middle stone age. From the last five decades, Humans have done tremendous development in almost every aspect of human sphere, especially in science and technology. Right from the surface of the earth to space, we have explored and expedite enormously. What humans could do, no other species on earth can. We think we are the most intelligent species. We humans think we are dominant and it is our planet but this is not entirely true.

Recently global pandemic, the outbreak of COVID-19 a virus that has kneed down all of humanity. The virus that is not even visible has evolved in the Wuhan province of China and had spread in the entire globe as the most infectious disease in the history of mankind. The USA along with European countries are widely affected. Scientists, virologists, and vaccinologists across the world are in constant quest of making a vaccine for nullifying this virus but no concrete results came out. By utilizing our science and technological advances we could resolve most of the problematic situations in our favor. We are masters of weapons. We have ultra-modern advanced supersonic, hypersonic missiles. From intercontinental ballistic missiles to Nuclear warhead and Artificial intelligence but it seems now that all these are inapplicable and humans have become helpless. The entire world has been shut down, the world economy has been disrupted just for a virus which is not even visible. This global crisis that is occurring, thus arise questions that where do we stand? To find it out we have to look at the period before human evolution. The planet earth was presided by organisms like viruses, microbes, bacteria, and one cellular organism billions of years ago before human evolution. They still live on earth. It is estimated that there are more than one trillion microbes on earth. We humans are not even parallel to them in terms of population and plasticity. We humans irrespective of incredible development are just living with them, they are not living with us. They were, is and will be on earth even after humans are gone and events like COVID-19 will question our prominence on earth.

About the Author: Santanu Das is a student and lives in a small town in the state of Assam, India. 

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