The Book and I

It’s a little hard to say

how, why on one calm eve

the book and I

all over again

met eye on eye and

bibliosmia and human scents concocted

sent dragonflies dancing

in an orgy

of you and I.

Deserted pages long left

unfinished… Long back

life’s galloping stallions

severed the book away from me.

The cheeky ones proclaimed

that reading makes a bad woman, mad woman, lazy woman, sulky woman.

The more they proclaimed ,the more did I

sulk into  the salty waters, wading through white, touching light.

Then one day I closed the book

losing the pages, weary ,


It’s a little hard to say

how or why, the book and I

mystery- laden eye on eye

all over again

finding each other

like two lost bumblebees

dumb, founded by  fate

lust drinking each other again

continue flipping passionately

through the uncharted

words on our pages infinite..

                                                     ~Smitha M

                                                    Palakkad, India


  1. Wonderful ink Smitha M. Loved it coz I relate it.

    Sudha Dixit.

  2. Hi Smitha…. I feel a special affinity with your poem..

  3. Thank u Ms. Sudha

  4. Thank u, Priya

  5. Gerard Anand Das

    Hi Smitha
    Very Nice. Keep going. All the Best.

  6. Gowri Rajendran

    Very nice poem
    Do continue writing
    Wishing you all the best

  7. Well written and could thoroughly relate. Smiths, keep penning…..

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