Month: May 2020


Go Away While You Can

Go away while you can, Before it’s too late. Or I will wrap you within my arms, And make my chest feel The warmth of your bosom, Till the time, all my veins Are charged up, and renewed With the life force of immortality. Go away while you can, Before […]


अपना पाओगे?

समाज की कूटनीति से बचोगे कैसे, अगर अभी भी सोए हो तो कुंभकरण उठोगे कैसे? माँ  ने क्या जना उसे ये तक छुपाना पड़ा, ऐ  बाप वो पाप नहीं जिसका बोझ तुझे उठाना पड़ा। वक़्त का खेल नहीं कुदरत का करिश्मा था, उसे ना अपनाना समाज का परचम नहीं तेरे […]


Her Fragrant Hands

I loved her hands, although They had no charm or beauty, Were coarse and rough by doing The daily chores and duty. They fed me when I was hungry, Carried me when I was tired, Men work till a certain age, But she, never, ever, retired. Those hands aren’t soft […]


The Pool

By Amber Marfatia from Pune, India                       Find & Follow more cartoons from Amber at  


Ghazal and Jawab e Ghazal

Ghazal After eons I decided to write a love letter tonight, With the red petals will you join me my love later tonight! Like a beautiful wife you dwell in my lonely heart, Your radiance shines so I want to be a writer tonight. All roses, all flowers fall prey […]


Covid-19: “Pursuit of Happiness”

By Panchali Banerjee The pandemic Covid-19 has left many of us in house arrest, most people in the streets longing to go back home. Home, because out in the streets stripped of all dignity and security we want to be back home, possibly the perceived abode of utmost peace and […]



Twilight draped…  a starry sky, besotted Moon….. as it traversed by!! Strolling down a memory lane… I got in rendezvous with pain.. Wayfarer heart… what shall it gain? Searing agony… soothes again; …..when will pour… such placid rain..!!   Silence..deafening in it’s beat.. clinging to… ….melancholic strain; reminiscing in shadows […]


Police Brutality in America Can Be Solved

By Mark Antony Rossi Police brutality in America has never entirely been built on bigotry. While I won’t make light of some of the obvious examples it should be noted in the full picture all too often police violations have more to do with abuse of power than abuse of […]