(In fond memory of my late husband 7th May 2019)

You were sick, very sick

You were aware of it

 So were we

Yet we looked forward

To your recouping your health

You were frail you became a fighter

We knew you would soon be yourself again

The day you left for the hospital

It was for a checkup and sonogram


Waited for you to return home by noon

Was surprised you remained there

Longer than expected


The next day and the next you remained

That was a big surprise

How could the checkup last so long?

I kept wondering


News came you were in the ICU

Your devoted son did not leave you for a minute

I relieved him in the evening

You lay asleep your dreams were your own

No one belonged to them

You did not share them

What you dreamt no one will ever know

What were your thoughts away from home?

No one will ever know

Perhaps in your delirious self

You shared them with God

The house is lonely without you

Every corner is filled with your presence


You are so, so far away

Resting in peace

With God by your side

                                                                       ~ Shobha Diwakar

                                                                        Jabalpur, India


  1. It’s a very touching poem. Your words reflect the agony you must have gone through to see your beloved lying in pain unaware of what was happening. Though he has gone to a better world he will always live in your heart which will give life to him. It’s just as Shakespeare says in his Sonnet 18. May his soul rest in peace.

  2. thank you ASB for your very apt understanding of the trying moments of my life . every corner of the house is full of his image and sometimes i feel as though he is somewhere around
    that’s life and God has probably saved him from further agony .

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