Nothing Belongs To Us….

Nothing belongs to us
We are busy looking and working for
Money, wealth, fame and recognition
All belong to the EARTH.

Nothing belongs to us
We are busy filling our bucket list
Collecting memories from travel
All belong to the TIME.

Nothing belongs to us
We are busy honing our talents and gifts
Making innovation and making life easier
All belong to CIRCUMSTANCES.

Nothing belongs to us
Working hard for the future of our families
Valuing friendships and camaraderie
All belong to the PATH we traveled.

Nothing belongs to us
We value our body so much
Investing so much money, time and efforts
All belong to the DUST.

Nothing belongs to us
What we have is MOMENT…
Use that moment to do GOOD

Life is just a moment….
Nothing belongs to us..
Everything belongs to the earth.

Life after death is EVERLASTING
Even our SOUL does not belong to us
It belongs to GOD…

                                                                                                ~ Dr. Luzviminda Rivera

                                                                                                                   Tarlac Province, Philippines

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    We came with nothing, and were created for a purpose!

    Our sojourn here lasts the moment everything ordained by the Almighty is completed!

    And when the the game of life is ove, we will be back to the pavilion, only with the bat that is nothing but our body!

    What’s left behind us is the ‘play’,that will speak about us!

    Let it be worthwhile!

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