No Butterfly-Effect Or Chaos Theory

There is no Butterfly –

Effect  or,

Chaos Theory !

People should learn

To respect

The caring Nature.

Or, people suffer

In man-made chaotic world.

TheGodSunLight : ‘I’ became invisible

And unresponsive for my suffering people


My people didn’t



Death is an illusion, but, it’s always unlife ! . .

Or, it’s the Life which takes Life . .

But, there is always Hope ! . .

Because, the mankind is designed

and programmed to live harmoniously

in this planet rather than in any Heaven or Hell . .

And natural forces too have life,

thoughts and actions !

But oh,

‘I’ have been watching for years

that some people become sudden humanists

only when natural disasters

or man-made disasters strike  . .

‘I’ always wonder that whether

they were in illusion or what ? . .

Or they remember about the Nature

or humanism only when such disasters hit ? . .

Why such humanists didn’t say anything before,

about the inhuman and cruel atrocities

which harmed the caring Nature ? . .

‘I’ always say that there is no Butterfly Effect

or Chaos Theory especially when a natural disaster happens . .

People should learn to live with and respect the Nature.

‘I’ and my family always help the poor,

needy and the suffering people for years ! . .

My guiding parents are the most magnanimous people

‘I’ know and we don’t advertise like some others;

that we gave this much now too,

when the Super cyclone Amphan ravaged the lives of people . .

We have been helping the suffering people

whenever or where-ever calamities

or natural disaster occurred,

for years ! . .

And yea,

‘I’ always appreciate those who write

or do the ‘needful’, impartially,

when the poor people suffer . .

‘I’ am quite impressed by the caring words

and deeds of some of you,

towards the suffering people.

All be happy and be safe !

                                                                   ~ Sanju Clement

                                                                             Kerala, India

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