My Questions Do Not End

If, what is happening –
Now in Life is Reality,
Hard Reality, Turbulence or Chaos,
What was happening
Before CoVID-19?

Illusion? Unlife?
Hard Dream?
Surrealism? Maya?
Confusion? Madness?
Rim Reality?

Or, the civilized mankind was trapped
In the world –
Of the most deadliest viruses –
Like fundamentalism, barbarism,
Megalomania, contamination, racism,
Stupidity, selfishness, Narcissism,
Greed, superstitions, belligerency, terrorism,
Religions and solipsism?

‘I’ know my questions will not change –

Or, challenge   –
The World and the human Existence, much!


My questions do not END!

                                                                           ~ Sanju Clement

                                                                             Kerala, India

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