Mumbai’s Lockdown

I still don’t believe what happened to my beloved city which never slept,

This city always gave us more reasons to celebrate and hardly anyone wept.

For many, this city was a destination to their dreams and passion,

Never did anyone living here imagined empty roads as this city’s fashion.

To fill an empty stomach with great affordability, we always had vada pav as our mini treat,

To beat the traffic and save costs, we always trusted our local trains to be the city’s heartbeat

From 26th July to 26/11, this city has seen it all,

The very next day the city would bravely stand undefeated and tall.

Everyone has to stay inside, from the rags to the riches, and from the weakest to the brave,

The police, doctors and many unsung warriors are battling it out on the streets cause they have this city to save.

Let us hope, this city regains its charm, it’s hustle and the never give up persona,

If we all unite like always, we are bound to come out victorious against this disastrous pandemic of Corona.

~ Vatsal Chitalia

Mumbai, India

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