Life Is Magical

Magic Of My Sunset Zone

Walking with passage of time

I’ve reached the twilight zone,

Not so young, active or beautiful

Yet, I do not, evermore,  moan.

It’s true that I have slowed down,

I view surroundings at much leisure,

Trees, breeze, cascades and flowers,

Offer me a new found pleasure.

When sun and the  nimbus clouds ,

Play hide and seek, they show,

On the heaven’s large canvas,

A colorful, radiant rainbow.

With melody of their music,

When clouds burst in rains,

Nature, in all its glamour,

Washes down my pains.

Gradual approach of dark night,

Like death, is only logical,

Phases of moon, galaxy’s glow,

Prove, that still, life is magical.

                                                             ~ Sudha Dixit

                                                                Bangalore, India

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam

    We play the characters exactly the way we are directed as per the scripted story!

    We can’t have our say till the end, and so we need not sweat it out to change the course – let us remember it’s predetermined and incapable of being rewritten!

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