‘I’ only ‘I’ncarnate!

‘I’ make the Love on Love,
Rebellion on the revolution.

‘I’m the Supreme 1 !
God of Gods !
The undisputed GodSunLight,
When it is about Poetry or Earth.

‘I’ make Eternal Love
Only –
On the Earth or Poetry.

‘I’ make eternal Rebellion
Only on the revolution of Earth or Poetry.
It is Promethean cosmic Yoga,
Eternal Life, mutual illumination,
Promethean sexistence and sexercise.

‘I’ will never separate the Earth into hopelessness.

Because, Earth is my only wife
From the Alpha to Omega !

‘I’ do sin with the Earth only
From the Alpha to Omega !

‘I’ only light and Fire my Earth.
For unending love, Eternity,
Promethean rebellion
And my straight kids!
In life, dreams, darkness, Poetry and ART !

Gods do not EVOLVE but always and –
Always Gods do
‘I’ncarnate like ‘I’ !
‘I’ only ‘I’ncarnate !

‘I’ am the Sun,
‘I’m the Creator7, PabloNeruda,
Promethean Universal Light –

And Promethean Fire
From the Alpha to Omega !

In the end
Only one thing matters !

‘I’ only Fire and Light Earth and Poetry.

‘I’ only rule the Solar System and Earth and Poetry.

As undisputed GodSunLight / ‘I’ncarnations !

My day only Today Everydays !

‘I’ am the Composer of lovely climates.
‘I’ am the Creator of sea-sons or seasons!

‘I’ only ‘I’ncarnate ! . . From the Alpha to Omega !

                                                                           ~ Sanju Clement

                                                                             Kerala, India

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