Glow Worm

Standing by her window sill

      She feels the misty dusk that pass-

  Over the fading veil of shadows

    She sees the rolling waves of sea.

The sea was always laughing in ripples

          And conveying lots of soothing words-

          The words of cryptic emotions hidden-

              Those arouse the mind from morbid state.

       Enthusing were the words she heard

        Enticing her to a blissful plight-

        Out she stretched like a creeper plant

     To reach and embrace seeking sea.

      The joyful surf welcomed her-

     To a roller coaster ride across

    She bid farewell to open window

     And rushed to mighty sea with glee.

     Reaching the shore, she retro-gazed

          Towards the lights that glowed in haze.

    Sliding through the crest of waves

         She muttered: ’Oh, glow worms only!’

                                                                            ~Sangeetha S J

                                                                                       Thiruvananthapuram, India

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