Building, Room No 101

By Shafeeq Mp Karekkad

Current circumstance of India is being criticized as crucial, portrayed as  brutal  and articulated as ass, the dystopian novel of George Orwell is intended to be a dialogue owing to vanity fizzing when sanity fizzle out. Democracy become dusty and rule become rusty in the hands of Big brother and Obrien, both are leading in India.

When eponymous hold in the leash of country as one visits are few and far between what kind of smile was hidden beneath their mustache, the rocks were full of the bones of extinct animals, mammals, mastodons and enormous reptiles which lived here long before man was ever heard of. As it stand, it’s may be irony whereas therein cow may exits and minority may be exit becoming Winston and Julia. Therefore, rock may empty but their bones.

When Winston asked to Obrien why you torture me, he answered “you are thinking” yes when thought dies war become peace, freedom become slavery and ignorance become strength. When turn up a turn- up fearing the long last of thought is fundamental of freedom, the freedom of thinking is being knocked down, then no more  on deeds, the double think is still yet to come or not?

It’s a fizzing commence make every dues fizz out but fascism and fundamentalism, there is no eyot of democracy, then what and where, yes, Oceania is on the way.

The texture of secularism would be quit from what it had been, courts and forts become ministry of peace and ministry of love as both are took up as deals of war and torture for people by George Orwell.

Then why police keep quiet, that’s what was mentioned Orwell that “all members of inner party believe in this coming conquest as an article of faith, it’s to be achieved either by gradually acquiring more and more territory and so building up an overwhelming preponderance of power, or by the discovery of some new and unanswerable weapons” yes, the in of fruit was sin not vacancy but venom mince as wiping out gradually.

The man of good for nothing is traveling hither and thither costing million whenever millions of the many were dying starving, the ignorant all, too young to understand what game was about, were applause owing to others are applause.

Ruling parties seek power entirely for their own sake, not interested in the good of others but solely in power, pure power can attain everything from everywhere. Then, where’s secularism, that’s what smith, thought when Julia were wiped out from him to other pole that “under the spreading chestnut tree, I sold you and you sold me”.

What about the concentration camps of brute Hitler, how many time they innocently had been harassed, how long the torturing had been continued, anyone couldn’t attribute nor yet and it will may be, but it’s to the time to think once and for all, whilst many’s the time what is the definition center may be ignored to the many, as well as Winston was about room no 101, when he asked to Obrien, he answered as that’s not what to be heard but completely empirical. Either love big brother or zap big brother, suffix to say is win the victory over yourself or walk about thereby from wish-washy to hoity toity roar, so scream thank to “building room no. 101”.

About the Author:

Shafeeq Mp Karekad is studying in Darul Hidaya Da’wa College affliated to Darul Huda Islamic University in Malappuram, Kerala.

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