A Conversation With Ex

Now that you have cared

To sit before me and talk

A bit till we both go away to catch the train ,

What about asking you few basic things?

Yes yes I know,

Your train is due at 1300 hours

Mine too, following yours, ( as always in every little things, see, since we met)

At 1305 hours,

And now, it is 1250 hours,

So we got some ten minutes to talk,

( even if you do not talk , like that mistress of Robert Browning,

See, how can I resort to dramatic monologue too?)

Looking at you after some years

The first thing that I note duly

Is that your skin has turned pale,

You put on weight too,

( your breasts look heavier and more alluring , though I will never say that to you!)

Only your eyes

They are blue as ever,


Have you got nothing to say?

Ten minutes will be gone soon!

Have you observed that I did not smoke?

I quit it dear!

With your going away

Cigarettes went away too,

Is not that amazing?

I kicked that bad habit,


Had you been a bad habit too?

                                                                       ~ Moinak Dutta

                                                                           Kolkata, India

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