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Shattered Dreams

He had had many affairs, For me, he was my maiden love, A well known, charming Casanova, Being loyal, for him, was tough. To keep flitting from one flower To other was his true nature, His sensitivity was doubtful, Egotism – his intrinsic feature. I had fallen in love with […]

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Worst than the Virus

By the Editor: Siddharth Sehgal We are the only country in the world where our system’s inaptness and unpreparedness have killed more people than Coronavirus. The machoism that was there in the initial days of lockdown are now replaced by perplexed, askance looks of “What the Hell is going on?” […]

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देखा है मैंने वाहनों को सर्र से निकलते हुए पहियों को आग उगलते हुए और अकसर चालकों की गलती से कई  गाड़ियों को उलटते हुए कई दिनों के सन्नाटे के बाद पदचाप सुनी साइकिल की चेन की आवाज सुनी कुछ तेज कदम कुछ भारी कदम नन्हे कदमों की कोमल थाप […]

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No One

No-one Inspire me like you do Lifts me up when I needed it the most to continue the journey. No-one Makes me see the beauty of the different perspective of life What counts most and what will last in the end. No-one Values my worth Like you did by Continues […]

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No Butterfly-Effect Or Chaos Theory

There is no Butterfly – Effect  or, Chaos Theory ! People should learn To respect The caring Nature. Or, people suffer In man-made chaotic world. TheGodSunLight : ‘I’ became invisible And unresponsive for my suffering people Because, My people didn’t Believe ‘I’ Death is an illusion, but, it’s always unlife […]

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Two Dreams

Could I get you off to the side for a moment and tell you that you’re still the same as in those photos that I may never bring? You see, I’ve dreamed about you recently; you’ve been in two dreams; every story I’ve read I’ve cried at the ending— I […]

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Your face as a heliograph pinioned to the dark night Does anyone know your prayer for the last syllable like an embryo beneath rumbles The lamp outposts inversed looking into your wounds, the uneasiness of a muzzeine’s cry unsure of a prayer ( a pause between-) Your wings, crumpled papers, against […]

May 24, 2020 · 1 comment · Poetry

What is the New Normal

By Mark Antony Rossi What is the new normal for places that have endured three months of isolation, evacuation and expiration. The corona virus is still ravaging through India, parts of Northern China and South America. For a hyper financial, Uber freedom zone like America the new normal might mean […]

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Home Coming

While we stay at home, safe and sound, Many distant migrants are home bound. They are starving, baffled and at a loss, Will they be ever able to reach home abroad? Their clothes are bashful and shabby, It’s been weeks they haven’t been fed fully. Bent down, exhausted, they still […]

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By Anantinee ’JHUMPA’ Mishra “Assassination is the extreme form of censorship.” George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) Assassination, a murder of a prominent person, such as a head of state or a head of Government, prompted by religious, military, revolutionary or political motives. History is witness of some of the most horrific […]

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