Only You And Me….

Tell Me?
How can I be still?

When the world is in chaos
people were slowly dying
to a health threat that is pandemic
Which cause is still unknown.

When countries with enough resources
and technology seems so futile
Brilliant scientists are on double time
to invent a dose for this unseen threat.

When frontliners are risking their lives
medical doctors, nurses and health care assistants
fearlessly taking care of PUI’s and PUM’s
without enough Personal Protective Equipments.

When people are getting panic
to safeguard for their lives from
the pandemic threat and starvation
With time that is still unknown.

When the governments’ are
applying measures such as
locked down and social distancing but
people don’t seem to care.

When everything is uncertain
and what tomorrow is ahead of us
Nobody can give assurance and
It seems hope is slowly fading.

A voice from afar
Answered me:

My Child…

In everything there is a reason
The beautiful world I’ve once created
With its purpose to serve your God
Is now tainted with the love of power and greediness.

The battle of “who’s more powerful”
in terms of resources, technology and weapons
is a never-ending quest for power and
My creations are losers in the end.

When people tend to depend
on their capabilities and
rely more on their material wealth and
forgot the reasons for their existence.

My Child…

Let it be known…
that Human was created with
limitations and imperfections
to realize Living God’s power.

the COVID- 19 scenario is an awakening
that there is no one or nothing
You could hold unto…
during the darkest hours..

even …

My Child…
Always remember
In the end….
It is between


YOU and ME….

                                                                              ~ Dr. Luzviminda Rivera

                                                                                                                   Tarlac Province, Philippines

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  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    “Corona impact” occupies every nerve of each one of us, no matter which corner of the world we are in!

    Never before in the history of this world, we had such an experience, as with the dangerous CORONAVIRUS!

    Our life rests on the firm hope that this too will pass, as with everything else, and we will be the same again!

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