Covid-19 Implications

By Bhavya Roy

There’s “miles to go”! An insight into the journey of migrant workers.

While millions are working from home, millions are still trying to reach home! Millions have the privilege of “getting bored” after eating and sleeping while millions are walking miles to get a meal! This is a grim, yet sad reality of the plight of migrant labourers in parts of India.

Thousands of workers who leave their homes to earn in cosmopolitan cities are facing acute hardship amidst the lockdown. Unable to earn for their meal because they don’t have the privilege of working from home like the rest of us, they are bound homewards. Social Distancing, as we call it, has lost its purpose as more numbers are reported to have assembled at Anand Vihar and other terminals across Delhi-NCR and other parts of India. And who knows they might even be covid-19 positive! They may be responsible for a severe outbreak in the states they go.

The failure of the government to provide them with proper meals has only made them more desperate. In an attempt to survive, these helpless labourers have got out on the streets with what may seem like a suicide mission. All the responsible citizens are trying to make up for this failure of the government by donating some amount of money. A few handpicked celebrities are donating too. But the question remains — When will the regime be held accountable for this misery? It could have been prevented if only some steps were taken before the pandemic hit the mainland. The least we can do, in times like these, is to help the helping hands and save as much lives as we can.

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Bhavya Roy is a Content Creator for various websites. A graduate in English Literature, she is based in Bhagalpur, Bihar.

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