A Wake Up Call

It’s a warning, it’s a wake up call

To save our precious planet earth,

It’s only place for us to live,

We must realize,  value  it’s  worth

Glaciers  have  started  melting,

They’d  flood  the  ocean  shore,

Water would enter the town,

With loud and terrible roar.

Man, in his gross  selfishness ,

Unquenchable thirst and greed,

Cuts jungles and blasts the hills,

Forgets, actually, what is his need.

For him vital is the air to breathe,

Fresh, cool, sweet, drinking  water,

Fire to cook and keep warm,

Not ravenous, blazing  bush- fire.

We must control, painstakingly,

Dangers of global warming,

Restoring  nature’s beauty, we may

Reinstate  old – world charming

There is a simple solution,

We should switch off lights,

For one hour on March twenty eight

Enjoy twinkling stars bright

Why restrict it to once a year,

We should do it everyday

Daily celebrate the earth hour,

Thus keep the horrid heat away

                                                                      ~ Sudha Dixit

                                                                       Bangalore, India

One Comment

  1. O K R Sivagnanam says:

    Now reaping what we have sown – unmindfully!

    It seems, only a crisis of this magnitude can reform us!

    Man is known for “excesses” in life, and should learn to deviate, or else, be prepared for more of this in future!

    The choice is ours!

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