Love is an Emotion

Love is the best emotion

one can experience

Romantic love empowers us,

as we taste heaven

Love is the soul of living,

heartbeat of life, and helps

us share our overflowing joy

Love is like digging a well

which removes layers of earth

It makes a person happy,

fresh, and alive

Love is beyond the state of great

disturbance and uncertainty

of thought

Love is the sweetest thing that

can happen and it doesn’t have

a fixed age

The sound of a loved one’s voice

feels like drops of rain

on the desert sand

Love is the sweetest of words,

which creates bonding,

dissolves differences, and

inspires delight

Love is the blooming lotus

of everyone’s life

It can work miracles in

transforming anything

God can be known only through

love as love is God.

                                                                                        ~ Bhupesh Chandra Karmakar

                                                                                          New Delhi, India

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