Ode to the Spring


O dearest spring! Look, fauna and flora have begun to get elegance

Every atom of earth is overwhelmed with joy

Birds are singing the songs of obeisance,

Boughs and twigs rejoice like a young boy,

The wind is kissing with sensuous odour,

The flowers have filled ecstasy all around

The sky seems heaven sans heat and roar

Nowhere, any impatience I found

Rivers are flowing in a shy stream

How fresh the mountains are, they blush and beam

The weeds look so pure as dipped in cream

Who could be happier than nightingale’s team

Grass is kissing the sun on the plains high

All enjoying by senses to beauty, do you know why?


Amazed I am at the red cotton tree

A month ago, it was naked and rough

Now it has burst with blossoms with glee

A colorful veil has covered it enough.

O dearest spring! Thou act as a conjuror

Playing between appearance and reality

Thou ascertain no one is a conqueror

Variation goes around the cycle of eternity

Look at the yellowish hues of mustard

And that sunflower which is looking upward

The wheat is ready to be harvested

Look what a joy has been manifested

O spring! You bring perfection to humans

O spring! You’re the king of all the seasons.

                                                  ~ Ravi

                                                             Shravasti, India


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  2. Jiya ho Shravasti ke lala…

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