Where is Salvation?

You expatriate birds

Where is the way?

Do terms tire you

Where to leave?

Bolthole in the world or haven in the hereafter

How to evacuate?

Ark, cause my wings are weary

Oh Wind scented with the fragrance of nostalgia

Will the perilous autumn be over and could we arrive back

Oh dusty years of moan

Steal my silence

Steal my pipe dreams

Steal my affliction

Will it be to trails from tribulations

Where is salvation?

Can I farewell to death and receive serenity

Answer, as I’m familiar to you

How long will i stay travelling

Under plane debris

Searching for colour of absence

For dawn not naked

For blossom not lost in the fog

Looking for a genuine God

To repatriate my desires

My infidel desires

                                                     ~ Mohammed Afsal Pk

                                                    Malappuram, India

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